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Here’s What People Are Saying About Ttr 11 Carb Diagram | Ttr 11 Carb Diagram

1. Do not address your email to me IN CAPS. If you do so, I will book out your catechism and do abhorrent things to it.

Yamaha Pw12 Carburetor Diagram - Smart Wiring Diagrams • - ttr 50 carb diagram

Yamaha Pw12 Carburetor Diagram – Smart Wiring Diagrams • – ttr 50 carb diagram | ttr 50 carb diagram

2. Do not appeal a claimed e-mail response. Since I get bags of questions anniversary month, aggravating to acknowledgment them all would cut acutely into my leisure time, which I bulk added than your accepted accompaniment of confusion.

3. Try to spell at atomic in a semi-correct fashion. If you accept to batter the English language, apprehend no benevolence from this quarter. You ability be mocked severely.

4. Do not ask for me to accelerate you copies of my abounding manuals and literature. I am not in the library business, nor do I appetite to absorb the aggregate of my day at the archetype apparatus aloof because you’re too apathetic to ask your dealer, or attending about a bit.

5. Don’t bother me with absolutely brainless questions, like how to get 50 added application for a blade and a half.

6. Now that you apperceive the rules, anticipate anxiously and accept at it! Oh yes … I’ll leave your e-mail unedited, for what it’s worth.#

Have a catechism for Rick “Super Hunky” Sieman? E-mail questions to [email protected], Attn: Don’t Ask.

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Amazon.com: Carburetor Carby For YAMAHA TTR 12 CARBURETOR TTR12 TTR ..

Amazon.com: Carburetor Carby For YAMAHA TTR 12 CARBURETOR TTR12 TTR .. | ttr 50 carb diagram

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SUBJECT: BULTACO WITH IRZ CARBI accept a bultaco matador it has an irz carburetor and I can’t acquisition annihilation about it I charge a float basin gasket and a pilot jet for it do you apperceive area I ability acquisition some info?Richard

Most earlier Bultacos came with an Amal carb fabricated in Spain, usually a ancillary float model. The IRZ carb was acclimated by Ossa a lot, and you can get jets or advice on the IRZ from Keith Lynas at Ossaplanet. Email: KLynas.aol.com or www.ossaplanet.com. Acquaint him that Rick beatific you.                                            ***

SUBJECT:  WHICH BIKE FOR ME?Hello,I am apprehensive about what admeasurement bike I should ride. I am 13, 5’1″,#and counterbalance about 90 pounds.. I was cerebration about purchasing a 90cc. Any suggestions?Jackie Hopkins

It’s absolutely adamantine to accord an acknowledgment to a catechism like this. For example, do you appetite to use the bike for racing, aisle riding, or aloof all-around off-roading? Are you acceptable athletically, adequately able for your size, or aloof average? All these things will actuate what affectionate of bike you should have. Let’s accept that you’re an boilerplate backbone actuality for your admeasurement and that you appetite to use your bike for a little bit of everything. A Yamaha TTR 90 is aloof about the absolute starting point. If you are cerebration about racing, about any 80cc Japanese motocrosser will do the job. Break abroad from all the Chinese applesauce on the market.                                            ***SUBJECT:  BULTACO WITH FORKS ON THE REARSuperHunky, Man, you accept no abstraction how you and Dirtbike mag helped me as a kid growing up in Virginia! I’m now 54 years old…started working/competition in 1972 at AlliedCustomCycles (Maico,CZ,Husky,Bultaco etc.) in Richmond…raced#motocross and competed in trials throughout Va.## My intrest in motorcycles accept agitated me thru the years and for the#past 14 years I’ve been a adept BMW tech at Morton’sBMW in#Fredericksburg Va. We absolutely sponsored a David White (my acquaintance of#30 yrs) and won the celebrated VCHSS (Va Championship Harescambles#Series) chief A chic 2010 championship with a 450 BMW!! From what I accumulate THE FIRST BMW to win a aloft clay bike antagonism in the US## ANYWAY, my catechism to you…put your anamnesis cap on!!!##  There was an commodity (I anticipate in DirtBike Mag.) in the 70’s that#showcased a Jim Pomeroys tricked out Bultaco with advanced forks adapted and adapted as rear shocks.

Was this a Branch mod.?…or was this a US mod. from his Stateside#mechanics??  Any Abstraction how abounding were made..and what happed to#it/them???

THANK YOU SUPERHUNKY,PleezeReply  Dewey KeetonLouisa , VA 

Raptor 12 Carb Diagram - Data Wiring Diagrams • - ttr 50 carb diagram

Raptor 12 Carb Diagram – Data Wiring Diagrams • – ttr 50 carb diagram | ttr 50 carb diagram

Luckily, I apperceive a little bit about that bike. At the time, Pomeroy rode for the Bultaco factory, and his artisan was a man we alleged The General. His absolute name was Jon Miller. Anyway, he was the man who absitively to put the forks on the rear because the accepted abeyance on the Bultaco was not up to the task. As per accepted practice, the Bultaco bodies went nuts. The bike was never put in assembly and they never accustomed the bike to be campaigned because it didn’t appear from them. The bike was a one-off and that was it.                                             ***

SUBJECT: MAICO LOADING UP SOUNDSIn 1970 I was 12 and had started my active endeavor as a 125cc motocross racer. I can bethink while watching my brother on his 250 Pursang on the band a aberrant noise. It was usually Maico’s authoritative a aberrant bong- bell -bong complete and spewing copious amounts of smoke. The riders would angular the motorcycle  to the ancillary and afterwards a few moments the bike would bright and off they’d go.What acquired this? My assumption is the basal end loaded up with ammunition admixture and aptitude it over leaned it out. Your answer  O ‘ Hunky is awaited.  Thanks man  Randy Keller  I had some aboriginal Maicos aback afresh and went through absolutely the aforementioned affair that you’re describing. Here’s the central beat on all that. The Maicos and Bultacos all came with carburetors that were jetted way too affluent bottomward low. In fact, the Bing carburetors on the Maicos didn’t action any abate pilot jets than came in the carburetor stock. That meant that you were ashore with the anytime affluent jetting bottomward low. By aptitude the bike way over to one side, the pilot jet no best sat in the ammunition trapped in the float basin and accordingly the ammunition admixture was able to angular out appropriately and the bike would afresh alpha to run clean. Best adeptness Maico riders of that era would aloof put on a Mikuni carburetor to accord with the botheration properly.                                             ***

SUBJECT:  87 SUZUKI RM250 WON’T RUNI accept a 1987 Suzuki rm 250 and im accepting atom and compression but its not absent to blaze up I accept a 1987 Suzuki rm 250 and im accepting atom and compression but its not absent to blaze up can u advice me break why its notCade Bodkin

You charge a cardinal of things for any motor to run. These things are able compression, automated integrity, fuel, atom and actual timing. If any of these things are not animate properly, affairs of your bike starting and active are abbreviate or nonexistent. The actual aboriginal affair I would analysis for afore you go crazy, would be to accomplish abiding you’re accepting ammunition aback you charge it. This agency demography the carburetor afar and blockage your float basin for crud in any of the jets. As continued as you accept able ammunition flow, you should afresh about-face your absorption against timing. That’s right, the atom that you accept should appear at the actual time. Afore you booty your bike into a boutique and accept them go through it, analysis these two things thoroughly. Affairs are the botheration is here.


SUBJECT: RELUCTANT NUTSHello!#We accept a 1989 Honda NX125 dirtbike that we are tring to change the clamp pads on. We accept all the genitalia and accoutrement that are bare but can assume to get the lock nut off. Do you accept any suggestions?Kayla Whenever I accept a nut that I appetite to get loosened, I acquisition that a little bit of calefaction usually does the trick. You don’t charge a welder, but a simple propane bake will do the job. Aloof calefaction up the nut and you’ll acquisition that it should appear loose.                                                    ***  SUBJECT: HUSABERG WON’T RUNI afresh purchased a 1994 husaburg 501 and can’t get it active I accept bankrupt the carb all the curve arrested and I am accepting spark. Absolutely absent to get this active I’m low assets aloof absent to ride can you amuse help. #Thanks Josh  Like I consistently say, you charge a assertive cardinal of things for a motor to run. Among those are fuel, compression, atom (with actual timing) and automated integrity. By automated integrity, I beggarly that there should be solid apparatus and no air leaks. If you accept all these things happening, you should be able to get the bike running. The actual aboriginal affair I would do if this was my bike would be to booty the carburetor afar and analysis for ammunition breeze or chock-full jets. Aing you should analysis the compression on the engine. If it’s low, starting becomes actual difficult. On the automated candor side, you appetite to analysis for air leaks anywhere in the absolute system. Lastly, I would analysis the timing. Do all these things in the adjustment that I gave you and you should be able to blunder on the problem.                                                    *** SUBJECT: WHAT IS IT WITH ALL THE YAMAHA ID?looking for the year and archetypal of my sons anew aquired clay bike its a yamaha and the numbers on the forks is 4v5-020655 appetite to restore to animate orderJess The bike in catechism is a 1982 Yamaha IT250J.                                                     *** SUBJECT: TOO MUCH INFORMATION1M1-100632. Can you amuse acquaint me what year archetypal cc Acknowledge u  Such a abundance of information! Would it accept artificial your apperception to acquaint me that the bike was a Yamaha? Since we get such an cutting cardinal of questions about Yamaha ID, I bulk that’s what it charge accept been. According to my awfully authentic files, the bike in catechism is a 1978 D250E Yamaha. In this accurate archetypal run, the agent numbers alpha with 1M1 – 100101                                            ***  SUBJECT: YOU’RE NOT TRYINGI”m attractive for a pdf adjustment chiral for a 1972 jt2 mini endureRob If you’re attractive for one for free, lots of luck. However, if you’re accommodating to pay a baby amount, I begin several on eBay with a basal search.                                             *** SUBJECT:  COMMENTS ON THE DEATH MACHINE Re: Death Machine. I’m digging on the “Death Machine” ability bike featured in the June “Don’t Ask!” I like the muffler army to area you can fry your assurance in algid weather.

The rear army gas catchbasin may appear in accessible for ablaze loop-outs.#To enhance performance, I’d abide the allowance with abounding anatomy work. Aloof captivate it to the absolute fairing. Ability cut into any axis distances but who turns at Bonneville?

I’d like to see some “BMX Action” or some “Freestyle BMX” with this accomplished unit!David Fruhling We drew absolutely a bit of email on the Death Apparatus featured in the June Don’t Ask. Best of the bodies anticipation it was a complete put on, but we accept to assure you that addition absolutely fabricated this affair and rides it. All we can do is agitate our head.

Crf12 Carburetor Diagram - House Wiring Diagram Syms • - ttr 50 carb diagram

Crf12 Carburetor Diagram – House Wiring Diagram Syms • – ttr 50 carb diagram | ttr 50 carb diagram

                                           *** SUBJECT: THOUGHTS FROM A TM400 RIDERTM 400 I had one. Japanese acknowledgment to the MAICO MC 501! I bankrupt my knee cap on that bike and tibia. I achievement i never see either bike again! Extremely able and both bikes were baleful on the chase tracks! TM 400 Cyclone was no toy this was a branch racer as were all the Maico’s. Another daydream from hell was the Honda 250 Elsinore Silver tank#green striping! Break the hell abroad from that bike! I watched that go afterwards a TM 400 cyclone and Maico adorable fin i accept it was a 490 Magnum ! THat dont accomplish bikes like this any added all aqueous cooled garbage!#Back in the 70’s i acclimated a JOFFA MOUTH GUARD with the artificial dental bouncer you put in your aperture came with artificial band for the aperture guard! I absence the 70’s ! Bikes aback afresh were deadley, dangerous, loud expansioned chambered! The complete from these bikes music to my ears! Easey Rider ?? Opening arena ha ha!!Atkin  We accept to agilely accede with you that the TM 400 Suzuki was one of the absolutely abominable bikes of all time. However, the 501 Maico appropriately set up was a admirable bike. Also, I had a 250 Elsinore aback in 1973 and it was absolutely a acceptable bike already you got appropriate shocks on it.                                                     *** SUBJECT:  WHICH WAY TO GO?I am aggravating to breach the case on a 1983 Yamaha yz 490 the crank nut is that a accustomed appropriate handed cilia or is it larboard hander.ThanxRich Evans We referred to Matt Cuddy on this one, as he had a 1986 YZ 490 and he assures us that it was a clockwise thread, a right-hander. The Yamaha YZ490 is a right-hand cilia on all shafts. Suzuki uses larboard on the right-side crank. Ossa uses larboard on both appropriate ancillary shafts but not Yamaha. Amazingly, Matt is still animate in animosity of owning that abject 490. You would be able-bodied brash to about-face it into a agriculturalist instead of benumbed it.

                                           *** SUBJECT: 1978 HONDA XR 75 …PISTON RINGSI accept 1978 Honda xr 75. I can’t acquisition anyone that has agent rings for it. The agent admeasurement is 1.985. I can’t alike acquisition a afterwards bazaar agent kit for for the bike. The Honda dealers are cogent me that Honda abandon the rings and can’t acquisition a afterwards bazaar agent for that model. I would like to get the bike running. I’m bond abiding area to attending or what to do?Thank youMike

Once again, I charge say that you’re artlessly not trying. I went on eBay and aural bristles account begin dozens of sources for pistons and rings for the XR 75.                                          ***

SUBJECT: BOGGING 1980 YZ 250Now for some bike advice if you are willing. I aloof accomplished a 1980 YZ250. Has a DG pipe, banal porting, 5 acceleration gearbox from an 81, 7mm reed spacer  and I added 6 ounces weight to the rotor. Is it accurate that I will never accept a bland ability alteration from bang to rocket in 100 rpm?  It has banal sprocket gearing for the 81 and I admiration if abacus 2 teeth to the rear will let me get it on top sooner. Already the revs bead and you clamp it to get it up, it takes of like a aerial but the ability starts aloof aloft mid ambit to get it agreeable again. Like towing an ballast on the bottom.

Any advice would be accepted or aloof a acceptable beam as I apprehend these things were like this anyway. Did Hannah beforehand the motor?Thanks Rick and I achievement all is able-bodied with you,Gary Moore

I had a 1980 YZ250 that I raced for the absolute year and I did acquaintance a bogging in the motor that collection me nuts. I traced the botheration bottomward to the reeds actuality beat out and not basement properly. I installed Boyesen reeds in that bike and the botheration went absolutely away. One affair you should be acquainted of is that the 1980 archetypal had low-end and midrange ability out the kazoo and not a accomplished lot on top, so booty it from there.


Jr 12 Carb Diagram - Block And Schematic Diagrams • - ttr 50 carb diagram

Jr 12 Carb Diagram – Block And Schematic Diagrams • – ttr 50 carb diagram | ttr 50 carb diagram

SUBJECT:  YET ANOTHER YAMAHA I.D. QUESTIONHi,I afresh best up a bassinet case activity bike and charge to actuate the year of the motor. I was able to acquaintance the banker for the anatomy year but they couldn’t advice me with the motor number. the anatomy is a 1982 yz490j. the 10 chiffre cardinal on the motor is 2WH-006722..can you acquaint me what year this motor is?Thanks,Bob Lewis 

This one was a absolute boxy ID. As it turns out, the motors starting with 2WH were begin with a 1988 YZ 490. How you concluded up with a 1988 motor in a 1982 anatomy is a aberrant one, but not any drifter than the YZ 490. At this point in time based on what we apperceive about that bike, your best bet is to either bake it to the arena or advertise to a casual gypsy, because that is apparently one of the affliction bikes anytime made.


SUBJECT: HONDA 230 L & F SWAPSI accept a 2009 CRF230L which I would like to add achievement upgrades like you did on the CRF230F such as accessible up the air box and install a DRD or Big Gun exhaust.#Can I use the aforementioned carburetor jet sizes as you acclimated on the CRF230F?#Thanks,#Wil Smith 


You can put the CRF 230 F jets anon into the carburetor of the L model. As far as the bankrupt goes, I took a attending at the bike and it appears that the ascent is the same. If you accept any problems amuse let us know.                                         *** SUBJECT: VINTAGE HUSKY “BOGGING” QUESTIONHi rick!I’ve enjoyed account all your letters throughout the years, and acquisitive you can advice me a little. i’m an earlier commune 37 racer that afresh purchased a “barn find”1972 croaking 250wr that i adequate from the anatomy up. the botheration i’m accepting is that afterwards all the assignment that went in to this bike, i can’t assume to actual the low-end bogging that takes abode beneath a load.

here’s what i’ve done so far to actual that problem, but to no avail: new top end, afflicted the carb. from the banal bing to a mikuni, arrested for air leak–ok, approved re-jetting from acute low to acute high, new ammunition at actual mixture, bankrupt and repacked silencer, new points, acceptable spark, although the atom itself wasn’t absolutely a nice dejected color.

the motor still smokes absolutely a bit alike afterwards charwoman it out, but i accumulate anticipate that “it’s an old two stroke” and that best all of the earlier best two acclamation did that.  i endemic and raced this actual archetypal aback in the seventies, and consistently had acceptable luck, but i’m now at my witts end with aggravating to bulk out what my aing move should be?? apologetic i’m so diffuse actuality rick, but maybe my aing move should be a “harry carry”        acknowledge you in advance.Kathy Winkler 

Ttr 12 Carburetor Diagram - Explore Schematic Wiring Diagram • - ttr 50 carb diagram

Ttr 12 Carburetor Diagram – Explore Schematic Wiring Diagram • – ttr 50 carb diagram | ttr 50 carb diagram

The one affair that you didn’t acknowledgment is crank seals. On an earlier bikes like that, affairs are the crank seals are attempt and if they’re shot, the auto aqueous would get sucked through the seals into the lower end giving every apparition of affluent jetting. Analysis those crank seals and get aback to us on that.                            ***

SUBJECT: I DON’T LIKE YOU!!!Hey I don’t like you or aloof about annihilation you accept to say. You are annihilation but a acute ass and you accord annihilation but smartass answers to bodies who ask you questions. Abiding maybe some of the bodies don’t apperceive a accomplished lot but afterwards they asked you a catechism they still don’t apperceive accomplished lot. So why you aloof go being your arch in the arena and get a absolute job huh.Marty M. Marty, I get hundreds of emails every month, abounding of which are absolutely stupid. I try to booty one or two of these out and book them, mostly for the action of the readers. I humbly advance that if I bother you so much, do your account about else. Now go abroad and break away.


SUBJECT: TRULY DUMB EMAIL FOR THE PERSON ABOVEI deceit get my bike started best of the time unless somebuddy pusehes me or I esplanade on a hill…… what could be the botheration do you think???Allen Your powerband is apparently broken.

                                           *** SHAMELESS PLUGMy new book, THE LAST RIDE, is at now out. It’s fiction and starts in 1969, aback an 18-year-old kid aloof out of aerial academy gets a adventitious to ride his Yamaha 250 DT1 from Pennsylvania to Los Angeles… all off-road.  His adventures are absolutely amazing.

The book afresh all-overs 40 years area the aforementioned person, now in his 60s, wants to get that old Yamaha aback in his control and acknowledgment it home by benumbed it all off-road beyond the country again. The book is $15 additional $2.75 for mail anywhere in the US (or $5 for Priority Rush mail) and for added information, the email is: [email protected] address: [email protected]

Have a catechism for Rick “Super Hunky” Sieman? E-mail questions to [email protected], Attn: Don’t Ask.

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Ttr 12 Carburetor Diagram | Diagram - ttr 50 carb diagram

Ttr 12 Carburetor Diagram | Diagram – ttr 50 carb diagram | ttr 50 carb diagram

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Here’s What People Are Saying About Ttr 11 Carb Diagram | Ttr 11 Carb Diagram – ttr 50 carb diagram
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Yamaha TTR12 Carburetor Clean ~ Pilot Jet Tutorial ~ - YouTube - ttr 50 carb diagram

Yamaha TTR12 Carburetor Clean ~ Pilot Jet Tutorial ~ – YouTube – ttr 50 carb diagram | ttr 50 carb diagram


Ttr 12 Carb Diagram - Trusted Wiring Diagrams • - ttr 50 carb diagram

Ttr 12 Carb Diagram – Trusted Wiring Diagrams • – ttr 50 carb diagram | ttr 50 carb diagram

12 Yamaha TTR12 Cleaning the Carburetor Jets - YouTube - ttr 50 carb diagram

12 Yamaha TTR12 Cleaning the Carburetor Jets – YouTube – ttr 50 carb diagram | ttr 50 carb diagram

Save up to 12% on Yamaha OEM Dirt Bike Parts | MotoSport - ttr 50 carb diagram

Save up to 12% on Yamaha OEM Dirt Bike Parts | MotoSport – ttr 50 carb diagram | ttr 50 carb diagram

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