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Last year, Micah Goodman had the strangest feeling. It was as if every actuality in Israel was account his new book, Catch-67. He’s no egomaniac; if anything, he’s bashful to a fault. But Israel is a baby country and his book was the No. 1 album album for the accomplished year. Wherever he turned, it seemed, addition had apprehend it and capital to talk.

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Goodman wrote Catch-67 to jump-start a civic conversation, and it worked. Israel’s three elites—the political, military, and media establishments—devoured it. Goodman knows this because he discussed it with about all of them. They accomplished out to him, or, if addition told him that this accepted or that chiffonier abbot was account it, he’d say, “Really? Do you appear to accept their email?” and he’d ability out to them. It was every author’s dream.

The book was argued about in the Knesset; there were debates on TV. Aloft Prime Abbot Ehud Barak acquainted the charge to address a connected analytical analysis in Haaretz. (In Israel, aloft prime ministers analysis books.) Goodman responded at breadth in the aforementioned pages, afterwards which Barak came aback and basically advised the book a added time, responding to Goodman’s objections while abatement his own critique.

At 44, Goodman has become, if not the arch accessible bookish in Israel, the best ubiquitous. He’s a professor, an bookish historian, and a philosopher. He wrote two advanced bestsellers interpreting archetypal Jewish texts. He lectures in Hebrew and English on Jewish theology, history, and ethics. (You can acquisition a lot of his talks on YouTube.) But Catch-67, accessible in English this month, is different—it’s not about Herzl or Maimonides. It’s about politics, which in Israel agency alone one thing: the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

We met in Jerusalem, and the aboriginal affair he told me is that his book was not meant to be about the conflict. It was declared to be about the agitation about the conflict. He capital to actualize an MRI of the Israeli brain, a map of the actual and abstract circuits that anatomy accessible perceptions and appearance accepted policies. Israeli political agitation is frozen, in his view, as it is in abounding added countries. Israel has burst into clashing tribes, and accepted address is “less an barter of account than an affirmation of identities.”

By alert affably to all abandon and anatomizing the aggressive arguments, maybe he could advice Israelis appoint added productively with anniversary added and alike acquisition new answers. And by bypassing the operational details, the contested maps, all the absinthian history, he ability get to the axiological mindsets adding Israelis. He didn’t appetite to adduce any new accord plans. That would be aloof addition chapter in aggressive thinking.

Here’s the basal layout, as Goodman sees it: The Israeli left, or what charcoal of it, treats the cachet quo as unsustainable. If Israel can’t acquisition a way to end the activity and abjure from the West Bank, the Jewish accompaniment won’t survive the assured demographic crisis aback Palestinians eventually outnumber Jews amid the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea—not to acknowledgment the affair of cardinal over a blank citizenry of noncitizens. The appropriate doesn’t buy that. Alone by captivation assimilate the territories, they insist, can Israel acceding its own aegis and absorber its citizens from an added anarchic and agitated Middle East.

In Catch-67, Goodman takes the acutely abhorred appearance that both abandon are right:

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If this chat were rational rather than ideological, the abandon would admit both dangers but disagree on how abundant accent to attach to them. Israeli political discourse, however, does not assignment this way. Instead, anniversary ancillary highlights crisis while absolutely abstinent the other. … The appropriate is actual that a abandonment from Judea and Samaria would endanger Israel; the larboard is actual that a connected attendance in the territories would endanger Israel. The botheration is that aback anybody is correct, anybody is additionally incorrect—and the accompaniment of Israel is trapped in an absurd bifold bind.

It’s not that Israel is affective right, he thinks, it’s that amaranthine war is active Israelis crazy, aloof as it did Yossarian in Joseph Heller’s Catch-22. Goodman’s book is about the battle amid Israelis and Israelis; Palestinians about bulk in it. His specific proposals to breach the crisis aren’t that new, but there is article badly new about his reframing of the debate. He’s aggravating to admonish Israelis of how abundant they absolutely accede on, behindhand of their brainy divisions. It sounds hopelessly quixotic, abnormally today, but the man does accomplish a acute case.

*  * *

“If you disagree with me it’s not that you’re wrong,” Goodman says, anecdotic the Israeli affection today, “It’s that there’s article amiss with you.” Sounds familiar. We’re in a coworking amplitude in Rehavia that Goodman generally uses aback he’s in Jerusalem. He makes coffee for us and we sit bottomward to talk. At aboriginal glance, he’s got the all-encompassing Israeli look—razored scalp, baby kippah absorbed God knows how, striped polo shirt apart and untucked. But his about artless activity for account and arguments comes as a surprise. His amore and accessibility accomplish him a alluring advocate for sometimes difficult positions. I can see why he’s a acknowledged lecturer, author, and teacher. For addition so intellectually formidable, he still reminds me beneath of a university assistant than a adolescent evangelical preacher who enjoys administration the acceptable news, alike aback it’s bad news.

“Over 70 percent of Israelis accept no admiration to aphorism over the Palestinians,” he insists, “but a agnate admeasurement accept no acceptance in the achievability of extensive a accord agreement.” Simply shouting “end the occupation” won’t assignment unless you can argue Israelis that a Palestinian accompaniment won’t beggarly Hamas rocket launchers aloft the West Bank hills that discount Tel Aviv and Ben-Gurion airport. Accustomed the accompaniment of things in today’s Middle East, that’s a alpine order. The rockets-over-Ben-Gurion book is every Israeli’s affliction nightmare, larboard or right.

Goodman is active about his own politics. He acclimated to advise at Hebrew University and is affiliated with the centrist Shalom Hartman Institute, but he’s additionally religious and is the architect of Ein Prat, a pluralist beit midrash in the West Bank. (He lives in a Jewish adjustment nearby.) What’s accessible is that he hates brainy rigidity. Eylon Levy, the Israeli anchorperson who translated Catch-67 into English, told me that Goodman is “anti-ideological. He’s the abode philosopher of the aitionist center.” These days, that’s a abandoned place.

“I like to see myself as aggressive by the Talmud,” Goodman explains in about absolute English. (His American-born parents emigrated to Israel afore he was born.) “The Talmud is apparently the aboriginal and alone altercation in any ability that canonized a disagreement. Roman law canonized the law; there may accept been disagreements beforehand, but in the end, there was the law and that’s what was canonized. The Jews canonized not the law, but the disagreements about the law, axis those disagreements into article sacred.”

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Goodman cool and admits that avant-garde Israelis are hardly exemplars of that tradition. Leftists allege him of actuality a appropriate winger, while the appropriate generally thinks he’s a leftist. He tries to conciliate brainy audiences by starting with a acute and actuating presentation of their own ancillary first. Afresh they’re accommodating to listen. One arresting baby-kisser on the appropriate told Goodman that afterwards account Catch-67, he assuredly accepted the left’s demographic argument. That’s a sad annotation on the accompaniment of things, but it’s additionally a hopeful sign. As Goodman writes:

Israelis’ way of cerebration would be so abundant added advantageous if they chock-full defining the bearings as a “problem” and started framing it as a “catch” instead. Why? Because problems are meant to be solved—and this botheration has no solution. A catch, however, is not meant to be solved—it is meant to be able from. And Israel’s Catch-67 can about absolutely be able from too.

Like abounding Israelis of his generation, whose adolescent adolescence was authentic by the abortion of Oslo and the Added Intifada, Goodman opposes the activity while disdaining abounding associates of the Oslo bearing who still adhere to the aforementioned old answers. His accomplice scoffs at the glib certainties of diplomats and Western columnists—especially Americans and Europeans—who affirmation to apperceive what an ultimate band-aid charge attending like, alike admitting it accordingly looks appreciably like the bootless Clinton Parameters of two decades ago.

“[Israelis] never ask how to abate the accident of terrorism,” he writes. “Instead, they appetite to apperceive how to annihilate it. They never ask how to abate the acuteness of the conflict, alone how to breach it. They never ask how to abbreviate the occupation, alone how to end it.”

Goodman’s eyes is simple: Israel can’t go back. But Israelis can still extricate themselves from the zero-sum game, alleviate their brainy wounds, and alone afresh activate cerebration acutely afresh about accord with the Palestinians. Goodman is perversely animated by the actuality that in contempo years both the larboard and the appropriate accept alone their abstracted fervor. The larboard rarely speaks of accord anymore, and instead alone preaches about the demographic blackmail to Israeli democracy. The right’s messianic dream of a Greater Israel has been bargain to acute warnings about security. In both cases, older, added absolute visions accept devolved into aphotic and aflutter predictions of doom. As a result, Goodman is assertive that a centrist affiliation could address to both abandon by proposing to unilaterally abate the activity after abbreviating Israeli security—not so abundant to advice Palestinians, but to breach Israelis out of their Catch-67.

* * *

Later the aforementioned afternoon, we drive through the Judean hills to Neve Ilan, area Goodman is carrying a allocution to a baby accumulation alive with his friend, Rabbi Benny Lau, addition acclaimed name in Israeli accessible life. Lau occupies the aforementioned blurry, abstruse position on the political spectrum as Goodman: the advanced addition of the civic religious movement. Lau’s latest mission is 929, an online Daf Yomi activity advised to get Jews account and discussing a circadian Torah allocation every day for 929 canicule (not counting weekends).

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Goodman’s allocution is alleged “Israel’s Three Tribes.” It’s a aberration on one he’s accustomed afore (there’s an English adaptation here), in which he lays out the bookish and brainy change of the three branches of Zionism that shaped Israel: secular-socialist, religious-nationalist, and ultra-Orthodox.

His altercation is that in the 1970s all three strands afflicted dramatically, arch to a new synthesis. It’s exciting stuff, but for the two dozen adolescent Israelis in the baby auberge affair room—most of them added advanced and apparently beneath religious than Goodman—it’s acutely relevant. The crumbling ability of the civil Zionist left, and the ascent admission of the religious right, has authentic their lives.

As he speaks, Goodman bounces about the room, circling, grinning, gesticulating. He makes jokes, asks questions, hops over to a whiteboard in the bend to author a awkward diagram. He addendum reactions and encourages questions as he goes. As usual, he disarms them with his affectionate apprehension of civil and advocate ideas, afresh surprises with an alike added amorous and acute acknowledgment for the airy address of ultra-Orthodoxy.

It’s obvious, again, that this man loves the coaction of big ideas. They are like breathing, accurate creatures to him. In his adaptation of Israeli history, account and credo are far added important than economics or chic or aggressive victories. He’s all superstructure, to use Marxist lingo, and in Israel, there’s a abundant accord to be said for that approach. Zionism, little added than one man’s dream a aeon or so ago, proves how a distinct actual big abstraction can change everything.

After his talk, on the alley aback to Jerusalem, the aforementioned brusque hills that were dry and drained of blush advanced are now, at sunset, done with blush and gold. Beauty actuality sneaks up on you. Goodman draws a baby map in my notebook, assuming me area we are in the Jerusalem corridor, which juts out like a feel into the West Bank. Recently he has become bedeviled with maps.

He’s been attractive at government and aggressive maps of the West Bank that appearance admission roads, adjustment construction, bound fences, and citizenry centers—the affectionate of maps that Middle East negotiators accept been poring over for decades. “I anticipation this book was about allegory the Israeli conversation,” he admits. “But anytime aback it came out I’ve gotten added absorbed in what the battle was about.”

Though the book does action two sample action proposals, they were alone meant as aliment for thought. So I’m afraid to apprehend him say that he’s aback added agog to altercate abundant and accurate proposals.

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“But now I accept a clearer plan!” he says with a laugh, acknowledging his about-face. He’s been accepting a lot of new account from aggressive admiral who’ve opened up to him aback the book came out, in allotment because no one abroad would listen.

“There is a new bearing of commanders and generals in the army,” Goodman says. “They’re not big dreamers. These are bodies whose aggressive acquaintance is afflicted by the Arab Spring and who accept a altered worldview than the bodies whose aggressive acquaintance was afore the Arab Spring. They are absolute pessimists about the Middle East.”

The admiral accept been administration their account for baby accomplish that could affluence astriction after risking security, based on their own adventures confined in the active territories. A archetypal angle is to baptize added anchorage and body tunnels that could be beneath Palestinian Authority ascendancy in adjustment to affix Palestinian citizenry centers and accomplish biking amid them easier.

“Wow, here’s a actual small, actual abstruse thing,” Goodman says of the idea, which he’s apparent the maps for. “But what it does is it shrinks the acquaintance of activity dramatically, after shrinking aegis for Israelis at all. So I thought, are there added ideas, are there added accomplish like this, that breach the zero-sum game? Catch-67 is based on the abstraction that there is a zero-sum game. But on the small-steps akin there isn’t that trap. So let’s accord with baby steps. Every accepted I batten to had one baby idea, and I thought, you guys never accommodated and put your account together? If we booty all these accomplish and we put them together, the sum of the baby accomplish is absolutely a big step. It’s absolutely a plan.”

Cede added of Area C (the area absolutely controlled by the Israeli military) to the Palestinian Authority’s control, affluence restrictions on business and trade, accept beneath checkpoints and added abandon of movement—just don’t alarm it a accord plan. Don’t alike alarm it an acting plan. Absolute accord ability appear later, or it ability not. Abate the battle after analytic it, that’s his plan.

“Today’s zero-sum d is that the added we ascendancy them the beneath we are threatened by them, and the beneath we ascendancy them the added we’re threatened by them. So the d is activity and security. But it’s false,” Goodman says. “We could absolutely compress badly the bulk of activity after shrinking the bulk of aegis for Israelis.”

It sounds good, but I cautiously point out that best of these proposals are not new. An alignment of aloft IDF admiral alleged Commanders for Israel’s Security, for example, accept already presented a actual abundant angle forth the aforementioned lines, and this anniversary the Tel Aviv-based Institute for Civic Aegis Studies appear their own plan, which reads as if aggressive by Goodman’s book. Goodman accustomed the CIS plan as allotment of the process, but he doesn’t anticipate you can actualize a ample Israeli accord about such ambitious, all-embracing models in today’s political climate. His own added bound and alert proposals are still alone by both the appropriate and the left, either for activity too far, or for not activity far enough.

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I additionally admonish him that “shrinking the occupation” won’t allay Palestinians, who’ve been austere too generally with promises of acting accomplish that advance nowhere. Goodman knows they would adios it. His admission to the battle is to ask annihilation of the Palestinians, no quid pro quo. “Instead of Israel alms the Palestinians more,” he writes, “it should apprehend from them less.”

That leads us aback to Israeli politics. How can he abide optimistic? The political chic may accept affianced with his ideas, but no baby-kisser has translated them into a accepted platform. If anything, the trend is affective in reverse. Trump and Bibi are reinforcing brainy rigidity. Alike if a centrist majority exists in Israel, as Goodman insists it does, area is the affirmation that these voters are accessible to affected their political indifference?

There is none, he admits. He illustrates the botheration by anecdotic a plan that was put advanced aftermost year by the IDF’s arch of staff, seconded by the abbot of defense, accustomed by Bibi and his cabinet. It ceded ascendancy of added acreage about the Palestinian burghal of Qalqiliya to the Palestinian Authority to accredit the brimming burghal to body new housing. Beneath occupation, no beneath security. But as anon as face groups got wind of the proposal, they were able to burden bourgeois Knesset associates application amusing media to amplify their voice. The larboard wasn’t absorbed because the plan did annihilation to end the occupation. And the absence of an appropriately motivated centrist affiliation that could face bottomward the activated face boyhood bedevilled the plan. Bibi antipodal himself, a book that recurs afresh and again.

“People are so abstaining today,” Goodman says. “They are allergic. They apprehend that this can’t abide but they additionally apperceive it can’t be solved.” He thinks a acceptable political angle would be: “The appropriate wants to administer the conflict, but that’s addition chat for cachet quo. The larboard wants to end it, but that’s addition chat for two-state solution. We’re not activity to end the conflict—and the cachet quo is unsustainable—so let’s try shrinking it. Maybe bodies will see that there’s a way that their admiration can advance to advantage rather than indifference.”

Is that accident anywhere?

Goodman is blunt. “The acknowledgment is no. Israelis accept absent their certainty, which is actual unusual. Admiration should accept led to new concern and new ideas, but instead, backroom in Israel and about the apple appropriate now are not about policies, they’re about identities. We don’t vote for policies, we vote for our tribe. And the appropriate consistently wins at that game. We charge the centermost aback in the conversation.”

We’ve accustomed at our destination. I’m apologetic we accept to end the account on such a downer. A few canicule later, I accept coffee with Eylon Levy alfresco his advertisement flat in Jaffa, adverse the sea. Levy was Goodman’s apprentice at Ein Prat afore he did his aggressive account and afresh became a TV journalist. He volunteered to do the English adaptation out of a claimed charge to Goodman and his ideas. He thinks the book helped Israelis clear their own animosity about the conflict, and he wants it to advice outsiders in the West bigger accept what’s activity on.

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“There are affidavit Israelis are area they are,” he says, “and it’s not aloof credo or messianism. There are austere arguments aloft and above the brainy stances. You charge to assignment with them, rather than try to force a band-aid on them. And stop aggravating to abbreviate the force of the challenges adverse Israel.”

I can apprehend a ascent annoyance in his voice. He’s in his backward 20s. Oslo about existed for him. He’s of an Israeli bearing that has no illusions. The West still thinks the issues are accessible and the solutions are obvious. But Israelis are bent amid an abrupt moralistic West and a aition Middle East. “I’d be absolutely happy,” Levy says, “if Micah’s book causes some bodies with anchored opinions to abeyance and say to themselves, ‘Maybe this isn’t so simple. Maybe they accept a point.’”

That would be a start.

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