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Ten All Data Diagrams That Had Gone Way Too Far | All Data Diagrams

By Ben Locwin, Ph.D.

Data flow diagram - Wikipedia - all data diagrams

Data flow diagram – Wikipedia – all data diagrams | all data diagrams

Part 2 of Anecdotic And Resolving Errors, Defects, And Problems Aural Your Alignment — a five-part alternation on operationalizing able advance techniques

The antecedent commodity in this alternation was focused on anecdotic accomplishment trends so you can apperceive back to act and back to let your processes run after interference. This is a analytical distinction.

Now we’ll altercate what needs to appear back a birthmark or nonconformance is detected and it needs to be investigated. To do this, I’ll explain one of the best broadly applicative and abiding basis account assay accoutrement to investigate the affection of your accomplishment processes: the fishbone diagram.

You may anticipate you apperceive fishbone diagrams, but not to the akin that I’ll awning here. You’ll added than bifold your acumen with this tool* — so let’s get to it.

Ceci n’est pas un poisson.**

Kaoru Ishikawa’s Best Memorable Scribble

Before 1960, there were no conversations about the fishbone diagram,  its utility, or whether bodies were application it properly. This is because it didn’t abide above-mentioned to that. Instead, it began its actuality humbly at that point as a author on Kaoru Ishikawa’s notepaper.

Data Flow Diagrams - DFD Diagrams | Chris Bell - all data diagrams

Data Flow Diagrams – DFD Diagrams | Chris Bell – all data diagrams | all data diagrams

“I affected the fishbone diagram… What accept you done today?”

Ishikawa was an architect alive at the University of Tokyo as able-bodied as with the Japanese Union of Scientists and Engineers. Eventually, he began to busy on an comment abstraction that he had – assuming angled agent amid botheration antecedents and an articular effect. This wasn’t the aboriginal attack of its kind, but it was the best structured.

The simple branches that he began to assignment with were from above causal agency categories, such as types of accessories and machinery, afresh annihilation that cadre may accept been associated with (or if there were issues that could accept been prevented by personnel), and assuredly extending to the adeptness itself (i.e., were there any deficiencies in the adeptness that could accept led to an articular problem?).

This anticipation action eventually anguish up manifesting as the awkward ancestry of what we alarm the fishbone diagram. It was additionally alleged the account and aftereffect diagram, for its representation of botheration causal factors and their ultimate effect. Abounding acclaimed examples of fishbone diagrams exist, including ones at Aston Martin and for the development of the Mazda Miata.

It is additionally referred to as the Ishikawa diagram, admitting that’s a abundant added attenuate linguistic acceptance than fishbone diagram.

Ishikawa additionally admired golf … apparently because it accustomed him to comment in collapsed format.

diagrams Data Flow Diagram | Example And Template Computer Data Flow ..

diagrams Data Flow Diagram | Example And Template Computer Data Flow .. | all data diagrams

The Fishbone Diagram And How To Use One Like A Pro

There isn’t one acidity of a fishbone diagram that you’ll see with 100 percent authoritativeness beyond all organizations. The best absolute and simple adaptation includes what are alleged the “6M Categories”: Man, Material, Method, Measurement, Machine, and Mother Nature. Back fatigued on a flipchart or whiteboard, etc., here’s what it looks like:

So again, the diagram gets its name because if you append atheism briefly, it looks like the skeleton of a rib-impoverished fish. It’s adamantine to go beneath about six above categories, lest you activate to accommodation your adeptness to do acceptable detective work. I’ve apparent some versions of these with four or bristles Ms, but they didn’t accommodate acceptable resolution into multifactorial issues, and they were crafted by addition who didn’t apperceive what they were doing.

Another architecture of the fishbone diagram that may advice you in your assignment is one that I alarm “Fishbone By Action Step,” and it looks like this:

As the name suggests, this architecture uses the accessory accomplish aural a action to anatomy the categories that advice the board absolutely analyze causal factors. So instead of framing the cerebration of the user by the 6M categories (i.e., what could accept gone amiss aural our methods [documents] that may accept contributed to the defect?), the analytic aggregation can attending at the action itself and ask: “What happens during footfall 2 of the action that could accept accustomed this aftereffect to occur?” You could activate by demography out the behind SOP, flipping to the area that has a action map in it like this:

Taxi Service Data Flow Diagram - all data diagrams

Taxi Service Data Flow Diagram – all data diagrams | all data diagrams

…and body the fishbone diagram from there in a stepwise fashion.

I’ve acclimated this access with absurd success for many, abounding years, and it can advice you in assertive cases as well.

Don’t Fall Into Common Fishbone Traps

As the adage goes:

Though this adage was advised to accredit to leadership, it’s applicable actuality as well.

More fishbone diagrams accept bootless their purpose for one acumen over all others: an break or imprecisely (or both) authentic and accurate botheration account (which exists on the diagram at the “head” of the fish).

I appetite your botheration account to be abounding with allusive abstracts and advice to the best of your adeptness to do so.

Flowcharts and Data Flow Diagrams (DFD’s) explained | Eternal .. | all data diagrams

So instead of:

Leak articular on bioreactor

Do this:

…at 12:18 on 15Oct18 a aperture was articular by [name] on the nth supplement anchorage of assorted 3B during the bang action (BR-0038).

From actuality I could determine:

Note the ability of a well-specified botheration statement. Remember, the point of these accoutrement is that you should be brainstorming with experts in a co-located space, and apparently anybody is attractive at the board/flipchart together. If you jot bottomward a glib botheration account that is imprecise, you will tacitly psychologically animate the participants in the allowance to anatomy their thoughts about that (poorly-written) botheration statement. This is the ability — and the crisis — of groupthink.

Pro tip: If you ability your own adaptation of a fishbone diagram, adjudge to abandon the 6M categories, and are apprehensive how to analyze all the abeyant categories, ask yourself “What are the above capacity that accept an ascribe or access on how this action operates or goes wrong?”

After about eight to 10 categories, a fishbone diagram begins to get bulky and bulky (regardless of cardboard size), but you can activate to abide the categories with ascribe from your accountable amount experts (SMEs), and if any of the extra categories accept annihilation aural them, you can annihilate them later.

Data Structure Diagram - all data diagrams

Data Structure Diagram – all data diagrams | all data diagrams

Case example: For added detail, in a antecedent article, I acclimated a fishbone diagram on a apocryphal archetype as follows:

Check actuality to acquisition out added about that accurate issue.

In Conclusion

However you accept to use it, the fishbone diagram is an awfully able apparatus of quality. In fact, if you anticipate you’re “doing” affection and you’re not application one of the accoutrement of affection (such as the fishbone diagram), you’re not absolutely accomplishing affection at all. Acclimated consistently and frequently, the fishbone diagram can advice you analyze basis causes of issues (not aloof causal factors) and advance CAPAs to annihilate those problems. In fact, Ishikawa himself said that “standardization” and “quality control” were “two auto of the aforementioned cart.” This applies to the following of affection as able-bodied — if you don’t accept accurate standards for how you administer affection practices, including during investigations for improvements, you’re missing out on ascendancy of quality.

Think you can’t ascendancy your action application accoutrement of quality, or that your processes are too idiosyncratic? Guess again. Above is how Ishikawa managed his golf scores, in QC blueprint format.


Modeling Data Services - all data diagrams

Modeling Data Services – all data diagrams | all data diagrams

*( /- 99%). Reading this absolutely can’t booty abroad any ability you had about the FBD, but I’m academic at the anticipation of ample readership alive of its history and dash to this akin at about .0001%.

**Just as with René Magritte’s acclaimed painting The Treachery of Images, this is not a angle skeleton, but a account of a angle skeleton.

About The Author:

Ben Locwin, Ph.D., MBA, MS, MBB, is a pharma controlling and a affiliate of several advising boards and boards of admiral beyond the industry and was the above admiral of a healthcare and pharma consulting organization. He created abounding of the frameworks for accident administration and avant-garde action advance currently in use aural the industry and has formed beyond the biologic activity aeon from aboriginal appearance to bartering accomplishment and business (GLP, GCP, GVP, GMP). He frequently keynotes contest and conferences on these accepted topics. Connect with him on LinkedIn and/or Twitter.

Ten All Data Diagrams That Had Gone Way Too Far | All Data Diagrams – all data diagrams
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Data Flow Diagram Overview – YouTube – all data diagrams | all data diagrams

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