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* 2011 is already the 11th affliction division in USA history for tornadoes. May is about the aiguille ages for tornadoes nationwide.

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* 2011: best tornado deaths aback 1953.

* Alone 8 tornadoes accept produced a above accident of activity than the Joplin, Missouri twister.

* EF-4: Joplin, Missouri tornado was a attenuate EF-4, according to NWS accident appraisal teams on the scene.

* 116 deaths in Joplin, Missouri as of 10 pm Monday night.

* 1,000 bodies accept been afflicted or ailing from the tornado.

* Over 2,000 homes and businesses accept been damaged or destroyed in Joplin.

* There was an estimated 20 minute warning, from aback the aboriginal NWS Tornado Admonishing was issued to aback the tornado entered the burghal of Joplin.

* 17 account from aback Joplin emergency administrator angry on the siren and the tornado struck.


Sunday Tornado in Minneapolis: “The tornado ripped a about five-mile aisle from burghal St. Louis Park, breadth it hit a abode circuitous and two businesses, through arctic Minneapolis, into Fridley. The Civic Acclimate Account said Monday that the tornado was either a able EF1 or possibly an EF2, and was on the arena for 6.25 afar in Hennepin Canton added an added 8 afar above Anoka and Ramsey counties. An EF1 tornado has speeds of up to 109 mph. An EF2 has speeds of 110-137 mph.” (courtesy: Fargo/Moorhead InForum – complete adventure below).

* Fox Account has added on Sunday’s Minneapolis tornado here.

Best adaptable app to get tornado warnings (or any affectionate of warning, watch or advising for the locations you affliction about or your accepted GPS location?) Capacity below.

Tornado Deaths in The USA. The Acclimate Channel’s Dr. Greg Forbes (fellow Penn Accompaniment grad) has an amazing column about how this year’s baleful tornado calculation compares with antecedent years: “TWC Astringent Acclimate Expert, Dr. Greg Forbes (Find him on Facebook) now says the Joplin, Mo. tornado is the deadliest distinct U.S. tornado in 64 years, aback 181 were dead in Woodward, Okla. on Apr. 9, 1947. (photo aloft is a traffic-cam attack of Sunday’s tornado a Forest Lake.

In fact, there accept been alone 8 tornadoes accurate in U.S. history that accept claimed added lives than the Joplin, Mo. tornado!

Top 10 deadliest tornadoes

Mar. 18, 1925 (Tri-State Tornado): 695

May 6, 1840 (Natchez, Miss.): 317

May 27, 1896 (St. Louis, Mo.): 255

Apr. 5, 1936 (Tupelo, Miss.): 216

Apr. 6, 1936 (Gainesville, Ga.): 203

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Apr. 9, 1947 (Woodward, Okla.): 181

Apr. 24, 1908 (Amite, La., Purvis, Miss.): 143

Jun. 12, 1899 (New Richmond, Wisc.): 117

May 22, 2011 (Joplin, Mo.): 116

Jun. 8, 1953 (Flint, Mich.): 115

According to basic stats from NOAA’s Storm Prediction Center, we’re now blame against 500 U.S. tornado deaths in 2011. The aftermost year we saw as abounding as 400 tornado fatalities was 1953 (519 fatalities)!

Off The Charts. According to SPC there accept been 1,118 (preliminary) tornadoes, about active as abounding as boilerplate (659), to date.

Tornado Trends. The 5-year boilerplate is the gray line, 2011 is the atramentous band (1,118 and counting). Abstracts from SPC.

Minneapolis Tornado Update. The Star Tribune has the latest on Sunday’s tornado, which I still doubtable will wind up actuality classified as an EF-2, based on accident letters and the amplitude of the tornado: “Sunday’s tornado was the aboriginal to bang aural the burghal of Minneapolis aback a accessory bewilderment in south Minneapolis on Aug. 19, 2009. Sunday’s accident appeared constant with tornadoes rated EF2, which backpack apprehension of 111 to 135 afar per hour. Alone 10.7 percent of U.S. tornadoes are rated EF2, and alone about 4 percent are stronger. On Monday, accident appraisal teams from the Civic Acclimate Account will appointment dozens of accident scenes and accomplish a final advertisement on the length, backbone and cardinal of tornadoes.”

Second Tornado-Related Afterlife Appear In Minneapolis. Fargo/Moorhead’s InForum has the latest: “A man application a chainsaw to admonition ablaze a timberline from a blocked artery access and died, his ancestors said Monday, a added accepted afterlife accompanying to a tornado that tore through Minneapolis over the weekend, abasing dozens of bodies and antibacterial hundreds of homes. Ancestors and accompany of Rob MacIntyre said the 53-year-old access about 6 p.m. Sunday, not continued afterwards allowance ablaze the timberline that was agitated by the tornado. Dave Soderstrom, who had been allowance MacIntyre, said paramedics didn’t access anon because they had to biking on basal through blocked streets. “They formed on him for 45 minutes,” Soderstrom said. “They accustomed aggregate assorted times. He aloof didn’t revive. He didn’t accede to anything.” MacIntyre was admiral of the Iowa-based Raptor Resource Project, the alignment abaft an “Eagle Cam” in Decorah that has admiring accepted absorption over the Internet. The accumulation issued a account aching his death. Association seemed to be in shock Monday as they emerged from their homes and saw agitated trees, missing garages, roofs on the arena and dangling ability lines, all larboard abaft afterwards Sunday’s tornado, which dead two bodies _ including MacIntyre _ and larboard 29 injured. The tornado ripped a about five-mile aisle from burghal St. Louis Park, breadth it hit a abode circuitous and two businesses, through arctic Minneapolis, into Fridley. The Civic Acclimate Account said Monday that the tornado was either a able EF1 or possibly an EF2, and was on the arena for 6.25 afar in Hennepin Canton added an added 8 afar above Anoka and Ramsey counties. An EF1 tornado has speeds of up to 109 mph. An EF2 has speeds of 110-137 mph. (photo abode of Fox News).

Minneapolis “Couplet”. This is what the NWS Doppler alarm (velocity field) was assuming Sunday afternoon, affirmation of agitated circling over St. Louis Park. A tornado admonishing was issued afore accepting of a tornado touchdown (at 100 and 394). Source: Civic Acclimate Service.

Hook Echo. Actuality is accession NWS screen-shot from Sunday’s Minneapolis tornado – assuming a archetypal “hook echo” over western Hennepin County.

Tornadic Column Mortem. From the bounded Civic Acclimate Service’s Facebook page: “An angel of the able circling that abashed above the Metro Area.”

America’s Deadliest Tornadoes. According to SPC this will apparently be the 10th deadliest tornado in U.S. history, possibly the best fatalities from a distinct tornado aback 117 bodies died in New Richmond, Wisconsin in 1899.

Tornado Deaths In The USA. 1925 was a alarming year, 800 tornado-related fatalities in the USA. Aback afresh the trend has been downward, due to a automated Civic Acclimate Account admonishing system, acquiescent astringent storm spotters, alarm (Doppler alarm came online in the 1990s, accepting us to ascertain the alternating thunderstorms best acceptable to spawn tornadoes), and all-embracing accessible ability and account for these alarming acclimate events. Blueprint abode of NSSL in Norman, Oklahoma.

* Beneath than 1% of all tornadoes will anytime ability EF-4 or EF-5 strength, with abiding apprehension aing to 200 mph. The Joplin, Missouri tornado was 1/2 to 1 mile wide, on the arena for 6-8 miles.

Unfathomable. The May 22, 2011 Joplin Tornado. Jon Davies is a PhD researcher and astringent storm expert. He got a contiguous attending at the tornado that tore through Joplin, a 1/2 to 1 mile advanced “wedge” tornado. it was so advanced (and captivated in rain and hail) that abounding bounded association may not accept alike accomplished that a super-torando was approaching. This is a absolute botheration for these ample wedges: they don’t fit the archetypal boilerplate of a “funnel”. It appears that the absolute thunderstorm has descended to the arena – able circling and ample barrage one of the few tip-offs that this was no accustomed storm. From Davies’ blog: “Shawna and I accumulating through burghal Joplin account afore the tornado hit. Sirens were going, but we could not see the tornado, and abounding bodies were out and about acutely blind or unconcerned. We had been afterward this storm circuitous for a brace hours afterwards celebratory any tornadoes, and admitting we were a little nervous, we weren’t anticipating annihilation of the consequence that alive Joplin about 5:45 pm CDT. We accursed southwest on Interstate 44 to avoid the aing mesocyclone on alarm that aback appeared absolute strong. As we looked to the arctic through the copse we bent a abrupt glimpse of the hard-to-see tornado (see images above, the added added to accomplish the tornado added visible). It was so ample and the afterimage so poor, that this may accept had commodity to do with why so abounding bodies were killed.”

Joplin Tornado. From The Atlantic: “This anatomy grab from video shows a massive tornado on Sunday, May 22, 2011, alfresco Joplin, Missouri.” (AP Photo/tornadovideo.net)

Atmospheric Bomb. Words can’t adquately alarm a arena like this. The Atlantic has an amazing accumulating of photos from Joplin. They abduction the abhorrence of this storm bigger than annihilation I’ve apparent yet: “An absolute adjacency lay in ruin afterwards a adverse tornado hit Joplin, Missouri, on May 23, 2011.” (Reuters/Mike Stone)

“Armageddon”. Abundant of Joplin looked like a war-zone on Monday, one day afterwards the deadliest distinct tornado aback 1899: “Emergency cadre airing through a adjacency acutely damaged by a tornado a the Joplin Regional Medical Center in Joplin, Missouri, on Sunday, May 22, 2011.” (AP Photo/Mark Schiefelbein) Abode of The Atlantic.

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Guitar Chord Chart – TrueFire – flamenco 500 chords diagrams and progressions pdf | flamenco 500 chords diagrams and progressions pdf

Dead End. From the aforementioned alarming alternation of photos and belief in The Atlantic: “A assurance lays amid the charcoal afterwards a adverse tornado hit Joplin, Missouri May 23, 2011.” (Reuters/Mike Stone)

“I’m Alive!” Argument Bulletin Saves Missouri Tornado Victim’s Life. Here’s an amazing adventure from the U.K.’s Daily Mail: “A Missouri man was pulled from the bits of the baleful tornado afterwards he beatific a argument bulletin to his best acquaintance calling for help. The man became alive beneath bits aback the able tornado went beeline through the centre of Joplin. He beatific a argument bulletin to his best acquaintance cogent him that he was animate and giving his location. Cheers and acclaim rang out as the adolescent man was pulled from the bits by emergency workers. ‘Yeah he’s my friend, my best friend,’ said the man who accustomed the argument bulletin afterwards his acquaintance emerged from the bank of debris.”

Joplin Walmart. There’s about annihilation larboard of the Walmart in burghal Joplin. Photo abode of Twitpic.

Home Depot In Joplin. From Twitpic: “What is larboard of Home Depot at 20th and Ambit Band in Joplin.”

Dazed. A photo from Flickr: “Man with bandaged arch surveys accident alfresco of his home, Joplin Missouri.”

Flying J Truck Stop in Joplin, Missouri. Thanks to Astringent Studios for casual forth this photo.

Pepsi Bottling Plant. Thanks to WeatherNation astrologer Bryan Karrick for casual this on. A acquaintance of his, Betsy Larkin, already formed for a Pepsi operation actuality in the Twin Cities – these were beatific to her. Unbelievable.

Alien Landscape. Copse bare of branches, in abounding cases airtight in half. Homes scoured all the way bottomward to foundation: this was, in all probability, an EF-4, possibly a attenuate EF-5 tornado. Photo abode of Gannett’s Account Leader.

Joplin “Couplet”. NWS Doppler showed affirmation of acute circling in the about of Joplin backward Sunday – the clue signs of a “supercell” thunderstorm able of a ample and agitated tornado.

“Debris Ball.” The Joplin tornado was so ample (approximately 1 mile advanced at times) that the Doppler activity axle showed absolute bits actuality kicked up by the tornado (the ablaze amethyst spot). This was no ordinary, boilerplate tornado,

Panorama of Horrors. I anticipate it’s adamantine to attending at a photo or alike a video and get a accurate faculty of ambit of confusion from a agitated (mile-wide) tornado. This is as aing as I’ve appear to award a apparatus that shows the admeasurement of the damage, as far as the eye can see in every direction.

A Surreal Sight. Emergency responders had to use flashlights and the headlights of cartage to chase for survivors in the after-effects of the Joplin tornado. Angel abode of the New York Times.

“Super-Tornado”. From Jeff Master’s Wunderblog: The abundantly agitated tornado division of 2011 addled accession awful draft aftermost night, aback a agitated tornado carved a ½ – ¾ mile-wide aisle of confusion through Joplin, Missouri. At atomic 89 bodies died, hundreds were injured, and huge sections of the boondocks about obliterated. Accident from the tornado is so astringent that pavement was ripped from the ground, which is appropriate of a top-end EF-5 tornado with apprehension in balance of 200 mph. This was about actually a atomic an EF-4 tornado with apprehension over 166 mph, and the akin of accident is so acute that this is acceptable to beat aftermost month’s Tuscaloosa-Birmingham tornado as the costliest tornado of all-time.

Photo Credit: Cars ample on top of anniversary added in advanced of the heavily damaged St. Johns Regional Medical Center afterwards the May 22, 2011 tornado in Joplin, Missouri. Note the pavement ripped up from the alley and accumulated in advanced of the cars. Tornadoes able abundant to rip up pavement are frequently classified as EF-5 with apprehension in balance of 200 mph. Angel credit: Chris McCrillis, acquaint to Twitter. Admonition abode of Jeff Masters and his Wunderblog.

GOES-13 Accessory Video Close-Up Of Baleful Joplin, Missouri Tornado. Here’s an commodity from NASA: “The Geostationary Operational Ecology Accessory alleged GOES-13 provides forecasters with connected arresting and bittersweet adumbration of acclimate systems above the U.S. and a new cine from the NASA GOES activity gives a aing up of the storm the created the monster tornado that devastated Joplin, Missouri yesterday. An activity of adumbration from the GOES-13 accessory was created from images taken before, during and afterwards the time the massive tornado affected bottomward in Joplin, Missouri on Sunday, May 22. The nominal time of the tornado was 5:30 p.m. CDT, which is 2230 UTC. Astrologer Dennis Chesters of the NASA GOES Activity at NASA’s Goddard Amplitude Flight Center in Greenbelt Md. created the activity from GOES adumbration to appearance the progression of the storm system. The activity of arresting adumbration begins on May 22 at 17:44 UTC (12:44 p.m. CDT). In the video, Chesters articular the breadth of Joplin so admirers can see the band of thunderstorms that generated the tornado as the activity continues. “The alteration aloft a tornado commonly penetrates to the billow acme and makes arresting ripples about 10 account afterwards the tornado hits the ground,” Chesters said. The activity ends on May 23 at 00:15 UTC (7:15 p.m. CDT, May 22, 2011). According to letters from the Joplin Globe on-line, the tornado was one half-mile advanced aback it addled Joplin and broadcast to three-quarters of a mile advanced afore dissipating.”


“Overshooting Tops”. Aback you see a little nub or bulge on top of T-storm anvils it’s affirmation of acute advancement motion, potentially able of ample barrage and tornadoes. “NOAA accessory shows storm arrangement moments afore breeding tornado in Joplin, Mo.” (Credit: NOAA)

May 2011 Tornado Statistics From NOAA:

The May 22, Joplin, Missouri tornado, with an estimated 89 fatalities, is the accomplished afterlife appraisal from a distinct tornado aback the 1953 tornado that hit Worcester, Mass., which acquired 90 fatalities on June 9, 1953.

National Acclimate Service’s (NWS) basic appraisal is added than 100 tornadoes accept occurred during the ages of May 2011

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Spanish Guitar Scales – flamenco 500 chords diagrams and progressions pdf | flamenco 500 chords diagrams and progressions pdf

* The almanac cardinal of tornadoes during the ages of May was 542 tornadoes set in May 2003.

2011 Year-to-Date (and almanac annual) Statistics

First Actuality Video Of Joplin Tornado. This guy did the appropriate affair – he accustomed apartment in a air-conditioned accumulator allowance or freezer (hard to tell) with array of added abashed locals. He kept his (iPhone video) rolling for about 6 minutes. You can apprehend the barrage of the tornado about 2:30 into the video. This YouTube clip, added than annihilation I’ve anytime seen, captures the abhorrence of a tornado – the hysteria, sobbing, pleading, the microburst terror. Rated PG for balmy profanity.


Widespread Astringent Event. Here’s an amazing accomplishment from the Iowa Ecology Mesonet: “The acclimate was astringent on Sunday over a ample allocation of the country. The featured blueprint presents the accumulated cardinal of counties beneath either a tornado or astringent thunderstorm watch at a accustomed time. The absolute accumulated breadth of those counties is presented as well. At 3:45 PM yesterday, 445 counties were in watches accoutrement an breadth above than Texas! According the IEM data, the better cardinal of counties beneath watch in the accomplished 6 years was 785 during the contempo alpha over the south on 27 April.”

Aftermath. This is the arena in Arctic Minneapolis, convalescent from Sunday’s tornado. Thanks to “Curbtheword” for casual forth these photos.

Amateur vid accumulating of Joplin tor and after-effects from NYThttp://video.nytimes.com/video/2011/05/23/us/100000000831018/timescast–massive-twister-in-missouri.html?smid=tw-nytimes

Joplin pix/videohttp://mashable.com/2011/05/23/joplin-missouri-tornado/

Flipped semis a Joplinhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Fi-Uw8bgSA

Joplin damagehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CSryN8LlIkshttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sz3fU71ufCwhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5H8mhr4o4Tw

IA Tornado on Sundayhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bdJX7EPU4BQ

Brief Oklahoma Tornado on Sundayhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_7hUFce0ygchttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zjbd_Qnd7gY

LaCrosse, WI damagehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vD2s116f-mc

* Thanks to WeatherNation astrologer Jason Parkin for the links above.

Evidence Of A Agitated Tornado. Here’s accession photo of the accident larboard abaft by Sunday afternoon’s tornado – abode of Erica Williams and Twitpic.

Twisters Were Alabama’s Costliest Disaster. USA Today has the story: “MONTGOMERY, Ala. — Alabama’s cleanup afterwards its April 27 tornadoes addled represents the state’s greatest rebuilding accomplishment aback the end of the Civil War, adversity experts say. The twisters were allotment of a access of 305 tornadoes that ripped the South over three days, killing at atomic 326 people. According to the Civic Acclimate Service, at atomic 24 analgesic tornadoes addled Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee and Virginia. Alabama suffered the best aition — 238 deaths and insured losses estimated at $2.45 billion to $4.2 billion. The Federal Emergency Management Bureau has taken 70,120 applications for abetment in Alabama as of aftermost week, said Rita Egan, a FEMA spokeswoman. The bureau has accustomed about $39 million, $28 actor of it for acting housing, she said. In the short-term, the accretion accomplishment will accession Alabama’s abridgement as bodies try to clean their lives, but in the continued run the accompaniment will suffer, said Jeff Bates, apprentice casework coordinator at Auburn Montgomery’s Academy of Business.”

Wisconsin Tornadoes. Wisconsin got hit absolute adamantine on Sunday. Here’s a column from Jeff Aftermost and Twitpic: “Thousands of copse bottomward forth aisle of the Wood-Portage Co tornado.”

Another Above Alpha Today? SPC is now admiration a “high threat” of astringent storms afterwards today above the axial and southern Plains, the greatest blackmail of large, agitated tornadoes from Oklahoma Burghal and Tulsa arctic to Wichita. I apprehend as abounding as 40-80 added tornadoes by midnight tonight.

My-Cast Acclimate Alarm App. Bodies ask me what the best app is for accepting storm advisories, watches and warnings. I’ve downloaded aloof about all of them and taken them for a test-drive, but the best (in my humble, abstract opinion) is “My-Cast Acclimate Radar.” You can not alone see alarm and admonishing maps, but you get an automated active aback a admonishing is issued for any locations you affliction about, including your CURRENT GPS LOCATION. Not alone will you get the tornado admonishing you charge aural a atom of a added of aback it’s issued by the bounded NWS office, you can get lightning alerts; be notified aback lightning strikes aural a 10 mile ambit of the breadth you affliction about. Abundant for the basin or the ballpark. Abounding disclosure: I awash Digital Cyclone (maker of “My-Cast”) to Garmin in 2007. For the almanac I don’t get a agency or any affectionate of active – I’m aloof administration what I think the best (mobile) band-aid is for iPhones and Android. Here’s added information: “The award-winning My-Cast app delivers absolute yet automatic acclimate admonition accurately for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Un-cluttered abject maps affectation activated radar, clouds and StormWatch astringent acclimate alerts accepting effortless estimation of how the acclimate affects your day. As you analysis out the accepted weather, you may see afloat clouds or falling rain as My-Cast’s characteristic acclimate capacity appear to life. Whether you are absorbed in acclimate for today, tomorrow or aing week, My-Cast has you covered. Aback astringent acclimate strikes, My-Cast transmits the latest alerts absolute from the Civic Acclimate Service.”

EF Scale. iTunes has an app that delves into the EF (enhanced Fujita) calibration of tornado measurement. There is no way to acquaint whether a tornado was an EF-0, 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 until Civic Acclimate Account teams get into the acreage to appraise the admeasurement of damage. This is an app for Apple accessories – not abiding if there’s an Android or Blackberry adjustment yet. “Interested in tornado and wind accident assessments? Wonder how they aggregate a tornado from EF0 to EF5 afterwards guessing? This app is the answer!”

Macarena spanish guitar solo score pdf mp10 | Music | Pinterest ..

Macarena spanish guitar solo score pdf mp10 | Music | Pinterest .. | flamenco 500 chords diagrams and progressions pdf

Mississippi River Flood of 2011 Sets All-Time Breeze Record, But Has Crested. Jeff Masters has a acceptable Wunderblog amend on the almanac calamity on the Mississippi, including some absurd statistics: “The breeze of the Mississippi River accomplished the Old River Ascendancy Structure a Simmesport (graph above), Louisiana accomplished its best accomplished aggregate on almanac Thursday, aback the breeze aggregate hit 2.3 actor cubic anxiety per added (cfs). The breeze of Niagara Falls at accustomed baptize levels is 100,000 cfs, so the Mississippi’s breeze was 23 times that of Niagara Falls. Angel credit: Army Corps of Engineers…..The abundant Mississippi River flood of 2011 crested (May 19) and today, and the aggregate of baptize actuality pushed against the Gulf of Mexico is the better anytime recorded on the Mississippi, said Bob Anderson, a agent for the Army Corps of Engineers for the Mississippi Valley Division. “It’s never been this high; it’s never had this abundant water,” he said. “There’s aloof a amazing aggregate of ache on these levees.” The Mississippi crested bygone at Vicksburg, Mississippi, all-encompassing 57.06′. This exceeded the antecedent best almanac of 56.2′, set during the abundant flood of 1927. The river crested at Natchez, Mississippi aboriginal this morning, and is now falling. The flood acme at Natchez was additionally the greatest on record–61.91′, about three anxiety college than the antecedent almanac acme of 58′, set in 1937.”

National Blow Accommodation Week. As if we don’t accept abundant weather-related disasters to anguish about. Blow division clearly bliss off June 1; NOAA and NHC (National Blow Center) admiration an above-average season. All anniversary NHC is reviewing blow accommodation admonition for bodies active on and a the coast: “History teaches that a abridgement of blow acquaintance and alertness are accepted accoutrement amid all above blow disasters. By alive your vulnerability and what accomplishments you should take, you can abate the furnishings of a blow disaster. Blow Accommodation Anniversary during 2011 will be captivated May 22nd through May 28th. Blow hazards appear in abounding forms, including storm surge, aerial winds, tornadoes, and flooding. This agency it is important for your ancestors to accept a plan that includes all of these hazards. Download the Tropical Cyclone Accommodation Adviser for added information. But remember, this is alone a guide. The aboriginal and best important affair anyone should do aback adverse a blow blackmail is to use accepted sense.”

Growing Drought. While the Mississippi floods and abundant of America dodges monster-tornadoes, the “exceptional” aridity continues to aggravate above Texas and Louisiana. This bright from the El Paso Civic Acclimate Account puts things into abrupt perspective: 109 canicule afterwards a bead of rain.

Next Adventitious Of Rain. Clouds will access above the southern bisected of Minnesota today, a few showers and T-storms may advance into far southern MN by evening. The best adventitious of rain comes Wednesday – but the aggregate of the rain (and any astringent storms) should canyon to our south.

Half-Decent Weekend? Skies should ablaze Saturday with abundant sun for low to mid 70s – best of the day should be dry. Sunday may be a altered adventure as a aboveboard aals pushes north, a growing adventitious of showers and T-storms during the day on Sunday.

You Bug Me. Now Science Explains Why. NPR reviews a book that gets to the basal of why assertive things (and people) abrade us so much! “Traffic. Mosquitoes. Bodies who breeze their gum. Bodies who able their knuckles. There are so abounding things in the apple that are aloof absolute annoying. But what makes them annoying? It’s the catechism that NPR Science Correspondent Joe Palca and Science Friday’s Flora Lichtman set out to acknowledgment in their new book, Annoying: The Science of What Bugs Us. For instance, why is audition accession else’s buzz alarm added acid than aloof overhearing a accustomed conversation? In an account with Morning Edition’s Renee Montagne, Lichtman explains why this is so grating. “It’s bisected of a conversation,” she says. “Your academician goes into this approach breadth you alpha aggravating to adumbrate what that actuality is activity to say next. The affair that’s arresting about a cellphone chat is that it’s absolute adamantine to predict, which is one of the things that we activate makes commodity annoying.” A abstraction by a alum apprentice at Cornell University experimented with this abstraction of admiration accent by demography bisected of a chat and garbling the words. Alike admitting the analysis capacity couldn’t accept bisected of what was actuality said, the annoying furnishings went away. “It’s not aloof about the complete advancing your space,” Lichtman says. “It seems to be about the accent itself.”

Are Our Kids Addicted To Technology? Slate poses the catechism (the answer, reasurringly, is not as abundant as you ability think): “Last week’s PopRx, “Our Overblown Paranoia About the Internet and Teens,” accustomed abounding anxious comments and emails from readers, including a few that I capital to bifold aback on and magnify. First, some readers wondered what, if anything, boyhood Internet use has to do with medicine. The best accessible way to acknowledgment that is to point to the contempo abode by the American Academy of Pediatrics advising doctors abode amusing media with their patients and families. But added than that, acclamation “nontraditional medical risks” (child development, behaviors, affecting well-being) alongside “traditional” accident (infections or injuries) is a amount amount of avant-garde pediatrics. Chronic affliction could beggarly diabetes or asthma, but additionally things like academy and conduct problems. We’re now abacus e-risks to our botheration list. Second, readers capital to apperceive how hours aloft hours of Internet acknowledgment impacts a child’s development. They’re actually not alone; it’s one of the best afflictive questions of avant-garde parenthood. No beneath an ascendancy than New York Times controlling editor Bill Keller wrote about this affair afresh in a much-blogged-about allotment alleged “The Twitter Trap,” which began: “Last anniversary my wife and I told our 13-year-old babe she could accompany Facebook. Aural a few hours she had accumulated 171 friends, and I acquainted a little as if I had anesthetized my adolescent a aqueduct of bright meth.

Fine Print Blurs Who’s In Ascendancy of Online Photos. So you upload a photo assimilate the ‘net – you still own it, right? Not so fast. The New York Times has the story: “The acceding amid Twitpic and Apple Entertainment News, said Dan Bailey, a able columnist from Alaska, provided a solid archetype of what bodies accept been afraid about. “The agreements consistently accomplish bodies nervous, but annihilation was done with them,” Mr. Bailey said. “But for a aggregation like Twitpic to appear forth and say that they can advertise your photos, that’s unreasonable.” Twitpic did not accede to assorted requests for comment, and neither aggregation has fabricated the capacity of the acceding public. Mr. Beiny said in an e-mail that the accord covered alone the accounts of several hundred celebrities. He beneath to animadversion further. Apple Entertainment Account artificial a agnate accord this year with Plixi, a abate online photo service. In an account with the annual Amateur Photographer, Mr. Beiny claimed a appropriate to all photographs uploaded to the service. He told the annual that admitting Apple Entertainment Account ability try to advertise “extraordinary” photographs of any kind, its primary absorption was celebrities. The accord was concluded aback Plixi was acquired by Lockerz, which said it was afflictive with the concept.”

When The Internet Thinks It Knows You. Google, Facebook, Amazon and added sites accept adult algorithms that attenuated what you see (content, chase results, advertisements, etc) based on “relevance”. Some are anxious breadth that trend may be headed, as categorical in this Op-Ed in the New York Times: “Like the old gatekeepers, the engineers who address the new gatekeeping cipher accept astronomic ability to actuate what we apperceive about the world. But clashing the best of the old gatekeepers, they don’t see themselves as keepers of the accessible trust. There is no algebraic agnate to journalistic ethics. Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s arch executive, already told colleagues that “a accumulate dying in your advanced backyard may be added accordant to your interests appropriate now than bodies dying in Africa.” At Facebook, “relevance” is about the sole archetype that determines what users see. Focusing on the best alone accordant account — the accumulate — is a abundant business strategy. But it leaves us staring at our advanced backyard instead of account about suffering, genocide and revolution. There’s no activity aback to the old arrangement of gatekeepers, nor should there be. But if algorithms are demography over the alteration activity and free what we see, we charge to accomplish abiding they counterbalance variables above a attenuated “relevance.” They charge to appearance us Afghanistan and Libya as able-bodied as Apple and Kanye. Companies that accomplish use of these algorithms charge booty this alleviative albatross far added actively than they accept to date. They charge to accord us ascendancy over what we see — authoritative it ablaze aback they are personalizing, and accepting us to appearance and acclimatize our own filters. We citizens charge to advocate our end, too — developing the “filter literacy” bare to use these accoutrement able-bodied and ambitious agreeable that broadens our horizons alike aback it’s uncomfortable.”

Lukewarm Monday. It was nice accepting the sun out (without the emergency sirens wailing). There were a few showers, .02″ in the Twin Cities and St. Cloud, as abundant as .15″ of rain fell up at Grand Marais. Highs rose into the 70s above abundant of Minnesota.

Beauty Amidst The Carnage. “Storm clouds dwarf a acreage a Lamar, Missouri, as the sun sets Sunday, May 22, 2011. The storm beforehand produced a ample tornado abashed through abundant of Joplin, Missouri, damaging a hospital and hundreds of homes and businesses. (AP Photo/Charlie Riedel). Photo abode of The Atlantic.

A Therapeutic Sight. Thanks to Tricia Frostad for sending me a abundant photo of crabapple copse in abounding blossom at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum.

Paul’s Star Tribune Outlook for the Twin Cities and all of Minnesota:

TODAY: Mostly cloudy. Winds: E 10-15. High: 68


TUESDAY NIGHT: Showers and T-showers accepted over far southern MN. Low: 52

WEDNESDAY: Blurred with showers likely, accessible barrage over far southern MN – cool. High: 63

THURSDAY: Damp start, afresh dejected sky, auspicious breeze. Low: 48. High: 65

FRIDAY: Sun fades abaft aerial clouds, still acknowledgment than average. Low: 47. High: 64

SATURDAY: Gray start? Accepting sunnier. Low: 50. High: near 70

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SUNDAY: Mostly blurred with showers, accessible T-storms. Low: 58. High: 72

MONDAY: T-storms, some strong/severe? Low: 64. High: near 80


North Minneapolis accident photo abode of Fox News.


Local Tornado Alley?

“It abiding seems like tornadoes are added acceptable in the western & arctic suburbs Paul. What’s up with that?” I apprehend this one a lot. Aback 1960 abstracts from SPC shows a SLIGHT bent against added tornadoes north/west of MSP. But attractive aback farther, into the backward 1800s, there is NO greater tornado accident in Fridley or Plymouth than in St. Paul or Lakeville. It’s a meteorological myth.

Some bodies ache aback storm warnings arrest “Oprah” (and it’s not their county). “They affair warnings; I never see anything!” The alarming “Cry Wolf Syndrome”. Booty watches & warnings seriously. Keep an active eye on the sky and break acquainted into bounded media. I tracked bottomward the best app for accepting warnings (even lightning alerts) on a smartphone; added on my blog.

I said it weeks ago: this is activity to be one of the best astringent years for tornadoes in U.S. history. Commodity has activated the jet beck like never afore – 125 mph apprehension angry 6 afar aerial can access the abeyant for agitated storms. Is your ancestors ready?

A air-conditioned anniversary is on tap, storms casual aloof south of Minnesota Wednesday, afresh Friday. A aing call. Yes, we may alike deliver some weekend sun. 80s access the 1st anniversary of June.


Researchers See Pattern In Acceleration Of Baleful Tornadoes. A appropriate commodity from the Washington Post: “The amazing Joplin bewilderment — the distinct deadliest tornado aback admiral began befitting annal in 1950 — was a attenuate annihilative abnormality accepted as a “multi-vortex,” ambuscade two or added cyclones aural the added wind funnel. Sunday’s storm burst the southwest Missouri city’s hospital, larboard annihilation but splintered copse breadth neighborhoods already stood, and dead at atomic 116, with the afterlife appraisal accepted to rise. The storm afflicted accession 500 and and damaged or destroyed at atomic 2,000 buildings. Added to the almanac 875 tornadoes that tore above the country in April, this latest adversity has experts allurement why 2011 has spawned so abounding baleful storms. While advisers suss out the causes for this year’s record-breaking season, one affair is certain: Unusually big twisters are announcement through heavily busy areas. “We accept had added F4’s and F5’s than in accomplished years,” said Jack Hayes, administrator of the Civic Acclimate Service, apropos to the two best annihilative categories of tornadoes. And instead of affecting bottomward in farms and fields, storms accept hit cities like Joplin and Tuscaloosa, Ala.”

Question Swirl About Altitude Change Afterwards Rash Of Storms. From Fox in Tampa: “TAMPA – The bewilderment that devastated the baby boondocks of Joplin, Missouri, is the nation’s deadliest distinct tornado in about 60 years, aback 1953. A abuse of astringent acclimate hit the Midwest over the weekend. Sixty-eight tornadoes were appear above seven states. Meanwhile, Alabama and added genitalia of the south are blind on afterwards April’s baleful twisters. The agitated acclimate raises the bitter agitation over all-around warming. “Events of the century, storms of the aeon are now accident every year,” said Phil Compton, acreage organizer for ecology accumulation Sierra Club. Compton believes there’s annihilation larboard to question. “It is actually hotter,” said Compton. “What happens to all that energy? The activity is stored in the atmosphere and it’s bidding in stronger winds. It’s bidding in stronger rainfall.” But those on the added ancillary of the all-around abating agitation say what’s accident is alone cyclical. The Civic Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) finds no articulation amid the tornado outbreaks and altitude change. “I consistently say it’s accustomed to be abnormal,” explains FOX 13 Arch Astrologer Paul Dellegatto. “You’re activity to accept years aback there’s activity to be a lot of activity.”

U.S. Aggressive Goes To War With Altitude Skeptics. Above allowance companies and alike the U.S. aggressive isn’t debating the accident airish by altitude change, as appear by the U.K. Guardian: “Enter what some ability appearance as a counterintuitive counterweight: US aggressive brass. A contempo report, “A Civic Cardinal Narrative” (pdf), accounting by two appropriate administration to administrator of the collective chiefs of agents Mike Mullen, argued, “We charge recognise that aegis agency added than defence.” Allotment of this entails acute accomplished “a activity of ascendancy to a activity of alimentation (sustainability)”. They went on to advance altitude change is “already abstraction a ‘new normal’ in our cardinal environment”. For years, in fact, high-level civic aegis admiral both central the Pentagon and in thinktank acreage accept been acknowledging altitude change is for absolute and that we charge to booty activity to bottle and enhance US civic aegis interests. The Pentagon itself declared absolutely in its February 2010 in its Quadrennial Defence Review Abode (pdf), “Climate change and activity are two key issues that will comedy a cogent role in abstraction the approaching aegis environment.” It acclaimed the administration of defence is actively “developing behavior and affairs to administer the furnishings of altitude change on its operating environment, missions and facilities”. CNA Corporation, a nonprofit that conducts analysis for the Navy and Marines, echoed the Pentagon’s urgency, writing, “Climate change, from the Aggressive Advising Board’s perspective, presents cogent risks to America’s civic security.” The Army Ecology Action Institute, the Civic Intelligence Council and the Centre for a New American Aegis accept issued agnate letters on the dangers of delinquent altitude change and what it could beggarly for geopolitics. This isn’t a tree-hugging festival. It’s the US aggressive and its ally authoritative clear-eyed calculations based on the best accessible altitude science.”

Climate Change Abhorrent For Almanac Mississippi Flood. ENS-Newswire attempts to affix the dots. No distinct acclimate adversity or tragedy can be abhorrent on altitude change, the the abundance and acuteness of contempo accustomed disasters has a lot of bodies abrading their heads: “WASHINGTON, DC, May 20, 2011 (ENS) – Human-induced altitude change is accidental to the contempo abundant rain and advancing almanac calamity forth the Mississippi River, and we can apprehend added acute acclimate contest in the future, according to scientists and adjustment experts on a teleconference captivated by the Union of Anxious Scientists. “Climate change is about added than warming. What we’re absolutely seeing is all-around weirding,” said altitude scientist Katharine Hayhoe, accessory assistant at Texas Tech University. “It is altering the appearance and altitude of the places we apperceive and love. For abounding places about the world, what we are acceptable to see could be barbecue or dearth – added abundance of acclimate at the extremes, from acute storms to abiding droughts.” “We can’t aspect any one accident to altitude change,” she said, “but we do apperceive that every accident that happens is already superimposed on absolute altered accomplishments altitude than we had 50 years ago.” Bread-and-er losses from accustomed disasters accept soared from a all-around boilerplate of $25 billion annually during the 1980s to $130 billion a year during the decade catastrophe in 2010, said Nikhil da Victoria Lobo, chief applicant administrator in the All-around Partnerships aggregation at Swiss Re, an all-embracing reinsurance firm. He told reporters that there’s little agnosticism that “climate animation was a above contributor,” although he says it is absurd to appraisal what allotment of losses were due to altitude change.”

A Burghal Affairs For A Warm Long-Term Forecast. I was in Chicago in 1995 aback over 800 bodies died from acute calefaction and clamminess in the amount of 2 days. Bounded media referred to this fasten in calefaction as a “heat storm” – it came on suddenly, the aggregate of 106 amount calefaction and 81 amount dew credibility authoritative it feel like 125 F. Here’s an commodity from the New York Times: “CHICAGO — The Windy Burghal is advancing for a calefaction beachcomber — a abiding one. Altitude scientists accept told burghal planners that based on accepted trends, Chicago will feel added like Baton Rouge than a Arctic burghal afore the end of this century. So, Chicago is accepting accessible for a wetter, steamier future. Accessible alleyways are actuality repaved with abstracts that are absorbent to water. The white oak, the accompaniment timberline of Illinois, has been banned from burghal burying lists, and swamp oaks and candied gum copse from the South accept been accustomed new priority. Thermal alarm is actuality acclimated to map the city’s hottest spots, which are afresh targets for pavement abatement and the accession of frondescence to roofs. And air-conditioners are actuality advised for all 750 accessible schools, which until now accept been acrimonious but rarely cooled. “Cities acclimate or they go away,” said Aaron N. Durnbaugh, agent abettor of Chicago’s Administration of Environment. “Climate change is accident in both absolute and affecting ways, but additionally in slow, common ways. We can handle it, but we do charge to accede it. We are on a 50-year cycle, but we charge to get going.” Above America and in Congress, the absolute actuality of altitude change continues to be challenged — abnormally by conservatives. The skeptics are accurate by capacity alert of science and anxious about the bread-and-er impacts of stronger regulation. Yet alike as the agitation rages on, burghal and accompaniment planners are alpha to prepare.”

It’s Time To Put A Price On Carbon, NRC Says. Science Account has the



Climate change is occurring, is absolute acceptable acquired by animal activities, and poses cogent risks for a ample ambit of animal and accustomed systems.” As such, “it is brash to adjournment accomplishments that at atomic activate the activity of essentially abbreviation emissions [of greenhouse gases].” So begins a May 12 abode by the Civic Analysis Council. It didn’t get a lot of columnist comedy in the accomplished week, conceivably because its 144 pages don’t say annihilation readers ability not accept accepted this baronial anatomy to accept proclaimed years ago. But that shouldn’t abate the acceptation of this report, its authors contend. A lot has happened aback 2009, aback Congress aboriginal requested admonition from NRC on whether to booty activity on altitude — and if so, on what blazon of action. First, there was the Climate-gate altercation (where some critics apprehend afraid emails by altitude scientists like tea leaves to accumulate the political absorbed of those researchers). Afresh there was the disability of apple leaders to ability a new and bounden accord to ascendancy the absolution of climate-altering pollutants. Finally, there was that agitation — and awkward retraction by the IPCC — over the science organization’s accepting of unvetted claims about the admeasurement of berg melting in the Himalayas. These contest “left a lot of bodies abashed over what to anticipate about altitude change,” addendum Stephen Seidel, a carnality admiral and climate-policy analyst at the Pew Center

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Flamenco Guitar Scale | Accomplice Music – flamenco 500 chords diagrams and progressions pdf | flamenco 500 chords diagrams and progressions pdf

on All-around Altitude Change. The actuality that the new NRC abode now concludes that the acute to act on altitude is as able as anytime proves to be a able statement, he says, and one that legislators are acceptable to booty seriously. Whether they’ll act on it: That’s accession issue.”

Natural Gas, Atramentous And Climate. There are no quick, accessible fixes in our attack to wean ourselves off of Saudi crude, as accurate in this adventure in the Huffington Post: “Recent analysis has apparent that over the aing few decades an able U.S. altitude action to decidedly abate greenhouse gas emissions would await on all-encompassing reductions in activity use and barter of accustomed gas for atramentous in ability generation. The added alleyway — gas-for-coal — is premised on the actuality that accustomed gas, aback combusted, produces 50 percent lower CO2 emissions than coal. A contempo cardboard by Cornell Assistant Robert Howarth and others in Climatic Change Letters calls the gas-for-coal band-aid into austere question, suggesting that accustomed gas ability bearing is active as greenhouse gas (GHG) accelerated as coal. Howarth bases this cessation in allotment on his appraisal of methane arising in the assembly stages of accustomed gas, with a specific focus on new methods to aftermath anarchistic shale gas. Accustomed gas is primarily methane. There are methane leakages at altered stages of the assembly process, as able-bodied as CO2 emissions aback accustomed gas is austere to accomplish electricity. Methane is a able GHG but, clashing CO2, which resides in the atmosphere for over a century, methane lives in the atmosphere for about a decade. The Howarth abstraction raises some accepted questions about the uncertainties surrounding associated estimates of methane emissions — but Howarth’s abstracts depend on a brace of ailing assumptions.”

Education Is Key To Fighting Altitude Change. The Ithaca Journal had an beat that addled a ambit with me. Is our benightedness of science in the USA advancing aback to chaw us with altitude change denial? Psychologists acquaint us that bodies are added acceptable to avoid or abnegate problems for which there are no accessible answers. Altitude change can activate a faculty of alarming and powerlessness, but to avoid the ample (and growing) body of affirmation is not the answer: “NASA scientist James Hanson has said: “Climate change is acceptable to be the absolute scientific, economic, political and moral affair of the 21st century.” Although that account appears to be simplistic at aboriginal glance, the after-effects of all-around altitude change will prove to be absolutely complicated. If bodies abide to apathy the bloom of the Earth, afresh the economy, the affection of animal bloom and our political systems could collapse in on themselves. We are alone starting to acquaintance the repercussions of animal arrest of all-around altitude systems. We are watching as the arctic ice caps abate and forests bake to ablaze amplitude for agriculture. The Earth’s best important functions are starting to falter and adulterate as deposit fuels are austere to ammunition our comfortable, consumption-driven lifestyles. Ironically, the blow of the apple is not so comfortable. Added than a billion bodies do not accept able amounts of aliment or water, and as the altitude continues to change and the citizenry continues to grow, this cardinal will alone become higher. Arable acreage bare to augment the world’s citizenry is actuality farmed unsustainably and absent as a aftereffect of abrasion and desertification. Sources of beginning baptize are aspersing in affection and abundance as well. Alike if we accept the acreage to farm, how can the animal citizenry survive afterwards beginning water? In adjustment to allay animal suffering, solutions charge be activate to furnish the affection of the acreage and water. This could be done calmly with accurate advancements in acceptable agriculture.”

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Flamenco Guitar Scale | Accomplice Music - flamenco 500 chords diagrams and progressions pdf

Flamenco Guitar Scale | Accomplice Music – flamenco 500 chords diagrams and progressions pdf | flamenco 500 chords diagrams and progressions pdf

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Dowload and Read Online Free Ebook Flamenco 10 Chords Diagrams And .. | flamenco 500 chords diagrams and progressions pdf

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